We do not offer any refunds for any reason, or any exchange of products.


Logos: Currently takes 3 to 5 business days to send a preview, We will them go back and forth until your fully satisfied. Up to 5 revisions are included any extra revisions will be charged a $10 fee. 

Websites: They can take up to 2 to 3 weeks normally but it can take longer depending on our back and forth communication. Unlimated Revisions.

We will communicate through text or email whatever is easier for us.

Custom Designs: Are determined by each order can be as quick as 3 days or as much as 2 weeks. It all depends on what you need and how big your custom order is. Make sure to contact us before custom purchase if you need a processing date. 



Shipping is done through USPS, all packages come with 3 day shipping and $50 worth of insurance. If you feel you need more than $50 of insurance please contact us and additional insurance can bee added(additional fees will apply). There is also an option to pay for your package to have to be signed for by you in order for the package to be delivered.  Once the package has been recieved by USPS you will recieve your tracking number and we are no longer responsable for it. Any lost or damage packages would go through USPS



We design all of our websites on either wix.com or shopify.com or any other hosting company. Please understand I am a website designer so if there is a issue with those hosting sites you must call there support number directly not me. Those types of issues are out of our control. I can help with website building and editing any other issues like loading, uploading. and any other back end issues we will not be able to help you with. 


Hosting Fees : All websites require a monthly payment to either wix or shopify. Please keep that payment updated or they will shut your website down.

Domain Fees :  All domains require a yearly payment, please keep that updated as well or your hosting will remove the domain an it will no longer be attached.


Checkout Information: Please make sure that all of your information that you fill out is accurate such as your number, email, and address. If this information is incorrect there will be no way of me conatcting you.

Provided Images : Please make sure that when you provide images for your website or any deisgns that you own them or at least have the rights to the stock photos. If you dont I have stock photos that can be purchased. We are not responable for any copyright issues and any lawsuits made against you if you provide images that you dont own the rights to. We're just here to design so its not our responsinity to check to find out if your images are legit or not.

Logo & Design Concepts: I am not responsible for any copyright issues or any lawsuits ,If you come up with a concept for a logo or a design and I bring it to life and it turns out to be another designers concept. I refuse all images of other designers work to prevent these issues. So If I'm not aware of the situation I am not responsible. 


Logos/Flyer Design/Any regular designs $25 

I will get the design done within 48 hours  If you need it in 24 hours the fee will be $50

Websites: $75 for basic and $150 for full website.

I will get your basic website done in 1 week and I will get your full done in 7 to 12 days this will change my normal weekends meaning I will work on my off days making your processing time much faster. if you need it done faster than that the fee will be $300 but you will need to make sure that you can give the information I need in a quick time frame. 


On Websites you have the option to pay in full or make two payments, The first deposit must be paid before the start of service the second payment must be made once the website is completed. We will have a discussion about your individual site after about a week to figure out when the second payment will be needed. This will depend on how long I estimate your completion and you have the right to tell me what payment date works best for you. If Ive competed your website and we discuss a payment date and you dont make the payment, and you refuse to communicate with me you will be charged a $20 late fee per day. 


We are not responsible for any spelling or errors, All we take is your information given and we use copy and paste. You the client are responseable to make sure that you fully approve your design before finalizing it.

If any changes need to be made after we finalize your design there will be a editing fee



Due to the amount of orders that are processed every single day it's almost impossible to keep everyones orders stored without the possiblity of my computer reaching its storage capacity. I will no longer hold on to any files after 30 days. So its bery important that you keep track of all of your files. I send all files to your email address that provided when you place your order so please make sure that your email address is accurate before completing your order. 


Your privacy is important to us and we want to insure yout that we protect all of your personal information. We will never disclose your personal information, All information is used for order purposes. 


Please read and understand that I am a very nice person and Im extremely easy to work with but, I will terminate your order without any refund if you don't follow these rules to help our business together to run smoothly. I also have the right to refuse to work with you again if I feel like you werent pleasent to work with.


1. Please do not be rude. 

2. Please understand that we have processing times for a reason So please do not rush the process. 

3. If we contact you and you do not respond within 72 hours.

4. If you can't communicate what you like and dont like from the design we create you. Theres no way that we will be able to customize it to your needs.

5. Please do not send me other designs from other designers because we will not replicate anything. We're all about originality and respecting others work and doing whats best for your brand.

6. Please understand that as designers we have a right to explain certain things to you to help you in the future. We want to make sure that your design will work for now and for up to a year or more. Last thing we want is for someone to get a design and later on feel like they need to make changes because they didnt look at every aspect of it, and then have to pay a editing fee to make changes. If we tell you something from another perspective we're just trying to look out for you as my client. So please understand that we have your best intrest at heart.